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SAMSUNG Clean Station – VCA-SAE903/EU


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 SAMSUNG Clean Station - VCA-SAE903/EU


Room to Breathe

Keep things hygienic with the Clean Station’s 5 Layered HEPA Filtration system. The disposable dust bag captures large pieces of dirt and debris, while additional filters lock away 99.999% of micro dust, like pollen and mould. It also has an activated carbon filter to keep smells trapped inside. So you can keep the air in your home as hygienically clean as your floors.

Empty with Ease

It’s never been easier to empty your vacuum. Just remove the dustbin, place it on top of the Clean Station and it’ll automatically empty. No dust. No fuss.

Capture the Dirt and Lock it Away

You’ve vacuumed up all that pesky dirt, and the last thing you want is a dust explosion when you’re emptying it out. You’ll never spoil your clean floors again with the Clean Station. Its airtight design means dust doesn’t escape into the air and back onto your floor. Talk about tidy.

Clear the Dirt with Air Pulse Technology

It’s easy to empty your vacuum without making another mess. Pop the dust bin on top of the Clean Station, and Air Pulse technology takes over. Currents of air pulsate through the bin to shake dust and debris free and lock them away. So, you and your floors stay nice and clean.

No More Guesswork. When it’s Full, it Tells you

When it’s time to empty your Clean Station, it’ll let you know. The blue LED on the front of the unit turns red when the bag’s full, so you know it’s time to swap it out. And thanks to the large 2L bags you won’t have to change it often.

Product Features:
  • Dust bag : 3A
  • Auto empty dustbin
  • Dustbin capacity : 0.6L
  • Anti dust emitting structure
  • Consumption power : 1600 W
  • 5 layered HEPA filtration system