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Smeg 90cm Range Cooker Traditional Three Cavity with Induction Hob Stainless Steel – TR93IX


  • 3 cavities and a 5 zone induction hob
  • Main oven gives you lots of different ways to cook
  • Second electric fan oven gives you extra room to cook
  • Special function uses steam to keep your oven clean
  • Dimensions (cm) – H90 x W90 x D60
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Smeg 90cm Range Cooker Traditional Three Cavity with Induction Hob Stainless Steel - TR93IX

This stainless steel Smeg 90cm Range Cooker - Victoria TR93IX is an Electric Induction Range Cooker provides high performance cooking.  It locks in all the flavours of your favourite foods for the family to enjoy. Substantial space The TR93IX is not only just a cooker with a double oven and grill compartment, it is a large auxiliary multifunction oven. The tall right hand auxiliary oven has a 62 litre capacity, with 9 shelf positions that can be used to cook a variety of different foods all at once thanks to the circulaire cooking system.

The variable grill compartment offers a generous 36 litre capacity for perfect results in your kitchen, with closed door grilling ensuring a safe environment. All this combined and more, makes for an ideal cooking space for large families. You have an impressive 159 litre usable capacity for all your cooking needs. And what's more, the induction hob has five burner zones for you to simmer, boil and fry using all your various pots and pans of various sizes, as you have all the room you need.

Easy access

Doors are side opening which lets you get close to the oven and easily access your dishes. A feature especially useful for people with mobility limitations. Handy features The LED programmable timer means you can set the time on your cooking food and get precise results every time. An interior light allows you to see inside the oven and check on your food without opening the oven door. So, the heat and all the smells remain inside the oven and you have overall greater visibility of your foods cooking progress.

The sleek Smeg Victoria Smeg 90cm Traditional Range Cooker with Induction Hob Slate Grey- TR93IX 90 cm Electric Induction Range Cooker will be a stylish addition to your kitchen that gives you luxurious cooking space and beneficial features that contribute to achieving professional results.

Circulaire with Upper and Lower Elements

The use of the fan with both elements allows food to be cooked quickly and effectively, ideal for large joints that require thorough cooking. It offers a similar result to rotisserie, moving the heat around the food, instead of moving the food itself, enabling any size or shape to be cooked.


Combination of the fan and circular element around it gives a hot air cooking method. This provides many benefits including no preheat if cook time is more than 20 minutes, no flavour transfer when cooking different foods at the same time, less energy, and shorter cook times. Good for all types of food.

Upper and Lower Element Only

A traditional cooking method best suited for single items located in the centre of the oven. The top of the oven will always be hottest. Ideal for roast, fruit cakes, bread etc.

Fan with Grill Element

The fan reduces the fierce heat from the grill, providing an excellent method of grilling various foods, chops, steaks, sausages etc. giving even browning and heat distribution, without drying out the food. The top two levels recommended for use, and the lower part of the oven can be used to keep items warm at the same time, an excellent facility when cooking a grilled breakfast. Half grill (centre portion only) is ideal for small quantities of food.

Lower Heating Element Only

Ideal for foods that require extra base temperature without browning, e.g. pastry dishes, pizza. Also suitable for slow cooking of stews and casseroles.

Grill Element

For rapid cooking and browning of foods. Best results can be obtained by using the top shelf for small items, the lower shelves for larger ones, such as chops or sausages. For half grill heat is generated only at the centre of the element, so is ideal for smaller quantities.


With the switch on this symbol, no heating is possible even if the thermostat is turned.

Safe Cook

Smeg ovens incorporate safe cook, the system for closed door grilling to keep cooking smells inside the oven and ensure a safe cooking environment.

Enamel Interior

The enamel interior of all Smeg ovens have a special antacid lining which helps keep the interior clean by reducing the amount of cooking grease adhering to it.

Smeg 90cm Traditional Three Cavity Range Cooker with Induction Hob Stainless Steel - TR93IX

Victoria Aesthetic

Inspired by Smeg’s very first ‘Elisabeth’ cooker produced in 1948, the Victoria range perfectly captures the essence of timeless classic design and exclusive aesthetics, thanks to Smeg’s signature 1950’s style branding and premium build quality.

Auxiliary Oven

The TR103's AUXILIARY OVEN (positioned on the right hand side) has a full height side opening door which is internally glazed for energy efficiency. With a net capacity of 84 litres this tall oven is equipped a total of 9 cooking levels, making it ideal for small batch baking and plate warming - in fact you can cook a whole roast dinner just in this tall oven. The GRILL OVEN (positioned top left) boasts a powerful 2.7kW adjustable grill, and has a 36 litre net capacity alongside 2 cooking levels.

Cookers with Induction Hob Tops

Induction hobs are significantly faster in operation versus gas, giving you the possibility to speed up cooking times. Heat is only generated when the pan comes into direct contact of the specific cooking zone, ensuring safety in the presence of children. This helps optimise power consumption, only using the energy needed to heat the pan itself. Induction allows for precise temperature control when doing intricate cooking, or simmering for example.

Closed Door Grilling

Closed door grilling allows you to grill with the door closed, keeping cooking smells inside the oven and out of the kitchen to ensure a safe cooking environment and reduced energy consumption.

Easy Clean Enamel Interior

The enamel finish of the oven cavity has a special antacid lining which helps to reduce the amount of dirt adhering to the surface.

Vapor Clean Programme

vapor clean programme designed to generate steam to help release burnt on food from the walls of the oven. Vapour cleaning is straightforward, simply put a little water & detergent into the hollow in the oven base and select the vapour setting.

  • Static
  • Circulaire
  • Turbo (circulaire + bottom + upper + fan)
  • ECO
  • Small grill
  • Large grill
  • Fan grill (large)
  • Fan assisted base
  • Defrost by time
Main Oven:
  • Shelf positions: 4
  • Type of shelves: Metal racks
  • No. of lights: 1
  • Light type: Halogen
  • Light power: 40 W
  • Fan number: 1
  • Cooking time setting: Start and Stop
  • Door opening: Side opening
  • Side opening door
  • Full glass inner door
  • Total no. of door glasses: 3
  • No.of thermo-reflective door glasses: 1
  • Grill type: Electric
  • Tilting grill
  • Grill elememt: 1700 W
  • Large grill - Power: 2700 W
  • Lower heating element power: 1200 W
  • Upper heating element - Power: 1000 W
  • Circular heating element - Power: 2000 W
  • Temperature control: Electro-mechanical
Second Oven:
  • Shelf positions: 9
  • Type of shelves: Metal racks
  • No. of lights: 1
  • Light type: Halogen
  • Light power: 40 W
  • Door opening: Side opening
  • Side opening door
  • Full glass inner door:
  • No. total door glasses: 2
  • No. thermo-reflective door glasses: 1
  • Safety Thermostat
  • Cooling system: Tangential
  • Grill type: Electric
  • Temperature control: Electro-mechanical
Third Oven:
  • Net volume, 3rd cavity: 36 l
  • Shelf positions: 2
  • Type of shelves: Metal racks
  • No. of lights: 1
  • Light type: Halogen
  • Light power: 40 W
  • Door opening: Flap down
  • Full glass inner door
  • No. total door glasses: 3
  • No. of thermo-reflective door glasses: 1
  • Safety Thermostat
  • Cooling system: Tangential
  • Grill type: Electric
  • Tilting grill
  • Large grill - Power: 2700 W
  • Temperature control: Electro-mechanical
  • GAS - Energy consumption in fan-forced convection, first cavity: 2.77 MJ
  • Energy consumption forced air convection (kWh) first cavity: 0.77 KWh
  • GAS - Energy consumption conventional mode, first cavity: 3.42 MJ
  • Energy consumption conventional first cavity (kWh): 0.95 KWh
  • Energy consumption zone 2: 182.6 Wh/Kg
  • Energy consumption zone 3: 142 Wh/Kg
  • Energy consumption zone 4: 176.7 Wh/Kg
  • Energy consumption zone 5: 182.6 Wh/Kg
  • GAS - Energy consumption in forced air convection, second cavity: 3.49 MJ
  • GAS - Energy consumption in forced air convection, second cavity: 0.97 KWh
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Voltage 2 (V): 380-415 V
  • Power supply cable length: 150 cm
  • Top oven chrome shelf with back stop: 2
  • Grill mesh: 1
  • 40mm deep tray: 1
  • Telescopic Guide rails, partial Extraction: 1
  • Chrome shelf with back stop: 4
  • Plate rack/warmer: 1
  • Chrome shelf with back and side stop: 1
Product Features:
  • Vapor clean
  • Air cooling system
  • Closed door grilling
  • Digital electronic clock
  • Automatic safety cut out
  • Residual heat indicators

We stock a large selection of Smeg cooking products at Stapletons Expert Electrical in Tuam. All of our cooking appliances are available over the counter. Both from our Expert Electrical outlets at Vicar Street, or Galway Road in Tuam County Galway. Alternatively you can purchase at Stapletons Electrical online shop for immediate nationwidee delivery, or click & collect.