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Samsung Series 5 DV90CGC0A0ABEU with Optimal Dry™, Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, 9kg


  • 9kg drum capacity — Great for medium-sized households
  • Quick Dry 35’ — A rapid cycle for small loads
  • Optimal Dry — Sensor-controlled cycle to suit the load
  • Smart Control+ — Pop a cycle on from your phone

This is the matching washing machine Samsung WW11DG5B25AB washing machine Front-load 11KG (

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Samsung Series 5 DV90CGC0A0ABEU with Optimal Dry™, Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, 9kg

Samsung DV90CGC0A0ABEU

Dry efficiently and gently

Heat Pump Technology

Heat Pump Technology is the way forward for drying your laundry more efficiently. By reheating the air in the drum it’s gentler on even the most delicate of delicates. And it means you’ll use less electricity compared to a traditional condenser or vented tumble dryer , making it kinder on your bills and the environment too.

Tumble it all away

Hygiene Care

Now here’s a tumble dryer that does more than simply dry your laundry? Towels, bedding, clothes, soft toys… Hygiene Care infuses every load with high temperatures. Even though it’s powerful, it’s gentle on your laundry too. And an added bonus? It works whether items are washed or not.

 Loads Smarter

Smart Things

Drying just got smarter. With its easy to use control panel, this Samsung smart tumble dryer remembers your family’s laundry habits and suggests your favourite cycles first. Track every cycle’s progress with the simply designed display. And when the drying’s done, you’ll get a notification on your phone with the SmartThings app*. Want to make life even easier? Schedule your dryer and get perfect cycle guides from the app. Or even use the Auto Cycle Link and let your washing machine recommend the right setting to your dryer. Now that’s smart.


SmartThings Energy

Efficient energy use. Smart savings.

Monitor your washing machine's energy use in real time and change settings from your smartphone with SmartThings AI Energy mode*. Check your daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption to take control. If you choose a cycle using AI Energy mode, you can reduce energy use by up to 70%**.


SmartThings Home care

Smart maintenance. Easy upkeep.

Our Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers are packed with innovations that are made to last. But for added peace of mind, there's Smart Check on the Samsung SmartThings app*. If an error pops up, it helps you work out any issues using your phone. So you can take care of the troubleshooting yourself, without paying for an engineer.


  • *Available on Android and iOS. An internet connection is required.  Auto Cycle Link is only available when both the washing machine and tumbles dryer have AI Control and are Wi-Fi connected.


Left or right opening? You decide.

Reversible Door

Feel free to put your Samsung tumble dryer where you want in the home, and adjust the door to work with the space. The reversible door lets you choose if it opens on the left or the right of the tumble dryer. Then it’s easy to load and unload your laundry, and even easier if it’s positioned next to the washing machine.

Fewer wrinkles, less ironing.

Wrinkle Prevent

Lighten your ironing load with a drying feature that works wonders on smoothing wrinkles and creases. Once your cycle ends on your tumble dryer, select the clever Wrinkle Prevent setting. It will cool the clothes down and rotate the drum, which means your dry clothes don’t sit too long in one place to pick up creases. Then just grab your clothes and you’ll be good to go.

Dry out

Optimal Dry

You need to tumble dry, but don't want to use too much energy. Our Optimal Dry™ smart technology uses moisture and temperature sensors to adjust the drying time. As well as protecting your clothes from damage, it only uses the amount of energy needed.


Peaceful laundry and peace of mind

Digital Inverter Technology

A quiet tumble dryer that’s built to last and has the added peace of mind with a 20 year warranty. It’s all possible with Digital Inverter Technology.

2-in-1 Filter

Look after your tumble dryer and optimise the drying performance with our 2-in-1 filter which collects fluff, meaning the heat exchange filter needs cleaning less often. It will even remind you when it needs to be done.

 A breath of fresh air for your clothes

Air Refresh

Sometimes your favourite shirt just needs a little freshening up, not a full-on wash. Choosing the Air Wash feature on your tumble dryer will do the trick. Banishing lingering smells and refreshing with a gentle, steaming air cycle.



Dry in no time.

Quick Dry 35'

Need your favourite top dry for an impromptu night out? The 35 Minute Quick Dry cycle dries a load of clothes in just over half an hour. How handy is that? It's ideal for loads of up to 1kg.

* May vary depending on the type of fabric.