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Neff N70 Electric Induction Hob – Black – T58FT20X0


  • 5.1 x 80.2 x 52.2 cm (H x W x D)
  • 5 zones
  • Flexible cooking zones
  • Touch controls
  • Boost function

Neff N70 Electric Induction Hob - Black - T58FT20X0


Top features:

- Cook more flexibly with an induction hob

- Place your pots and pans anywhere with FlexInduction

- Enjoy precise cooking control with the TwistPad magnetic knob

- Multitask between dishes with three heating zones

Cook more flexibly

Cook the faster and safer way on an electric induction hob. When cooking on the Neff N70 T58FT20X0, heat is generated directly through your pots and pans, so they heat up faster. The heat stops after the power is off, leaving the hob safer to touch sooner after cooking than traditional gas hobs.

Place your pots and pans anywhere

With flexible induction cooking, you can place your pots and pans anywhere on the hob and they'll still heat up wherever you place them.

Enjoy precise cooking control

Take advantage of precise cooking control over each zone with a TwistPad magnetic control knob.

Multitask between dishes

Multitask like a chef with a FlexZone surface divided into three heating zones for boiling, simmering in the middle, and warming in the rear.