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Neff 90cm Flex Induction Hob – T59FT50X0


  • Flex Induction Hob with TwistPad control
  • TwistPad: our removable, magnetic control dial that gives you precise, convenient control over all cooking zones.
  • Flex Induction: place your pots and pans within the flex zone anywhere you want and heat them exactly where they stand.
  • Power Move: the flex zone offers three heating zones: boiling in front, simmering in the middle and warming in the rear.
  • Power Boost: optimized power level function for more flexible and even faster heating.
  • Induction: the heat is generated directly in the cookware for precise cooking that stops when power is off.

Neff 90cm Flex Induction Hob - T59FT50X0

Neff Hob T59FT50X0


The stage is set for our intuitive little helper: The TwistPad® is handy finger food for your every desire. Simply touch the TwistPad® lightly to activate the desired cooking zone before you rotate this genius button to the power level of your choice. The magnetic TwistPad® is removable and ready to transform your hob into a creative hotspot that is easy to clean.

Flexible induction cooking.

With Flex Induction you can get creative with how you use your hob. Merge flexible cooking zones into one, evenly heated surface. Use the big zone for large cookware – or load it flexibly to cook rice, steam veggies and simmer your sauce. Your hob scans the size and shape of your cookware and heats only where needed.

One flex zone, three power levels.

Inspired by professional cooktops, Power Move gives you one big cooking area with different zones: boil in the front, simmer in the middle and keep pans warm at the far end. Simply slide your cookware where it needs to be, and keep your focus on your cooking.

More heat when you need it.

Power Boost is our smart, time-saving cooking hack. Want to boil your pasta water in a flash? Simply activate Power Boost to heat it much faster. Get a flexible boost for your dishes.