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Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner – M7PRO


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M7PRO Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner

M7PRO Midea

From the manufacturer

Midea robot vacuum
robot vacuum cleaner with mop

M7 p3-1

M7 P3-2



4000Pa Motor

Super BLDC motor provides excellent cleaning results, choose from 3 power levels, the M7 is peferct for all your daily cleaning needs.

E-controlled Water Tank

When you're picking a Robot Vav don't miss out on the SMART mopping feature. Vacuum & Mop for an even cleaner home.

LDS & 30 Sets of Sensors

A Smarter Robot with 30 sensors and the 5th generation of Laser navigation, for more precise cleaning & fewer collisions. The M7 will know your home better than you do!

Smart Mapping

Instant auto-mapping of your home using 30 sets of sensors. The M7 creates a fully editable map of your home with virtual walls to control the cleaning zones.





Multi Cleaning Modes

Select a room or an area to clean, and if you prefer one by one cleaning, deep cleaning, or zigzag cleaning.

App & Voice Control

Control vacuum power level & water flow, edit map, schedule your cleaning, monitor your Robot's performance. All available with Msmartlife app, with convenient voice control.

Auto Return-charge

Each time the M7 finishes cleaning, or the battery power is less than 20%, it will return to the dock station to charge itself. When the battery charges to 90% it will continue the rest of the cleaning route.

To ensure M7 can return smoothly, please make sure it starts from the charging dock, and the dock is not blocked by any obstacles around.

Washable Dustbin

Maintenance is simple, just empty & wash the dustbin and wipe it dry.