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BOSCH Toaster Design Line Beige – TAT4P447GB


Enjoy the beauty of performance. Modern design combining a high level of convenience with easy handling.

  • Save time and enjoy breakfast together. Thanks to the 4 toaster slots, several slices of toast can be prepared at the same time.
  • Even roasting with automatic bread centering
  • For a variety of toast preferences. Both toasting chambers can be independently operated and set to different toasting levels.
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    BOSCH Toaster Design Line Beige - TAT4P447GB


    DesignLine Plus Toaster
    Designline kettle and toaster

    Upgrade your kitchen with a breakfast set

    The range of Bosch Designline kettles and toasters have been designed to create a perfect matching set across the range including colours, styles and materials, that will look good in any kitchen. Choose between a 2 or 4 slot toaster.

    Vibrant colours DesignLine Plus

    4 slot toaster


    Even toasting


    4-slot toaster - Enjoy breakfast together with friends.

    It’s nice when friends come visit you for breakfast. But normally you can't enjoy your breakfast toast together – one always has to wait. With the 4-slot

    toaster you save time and you can celebrate breakfast time together.

    Defrost and warm-up settings - For a weekend feeling during the week

    Most people like a really nice breakfast at the weekend. What would it be like if you could experience a short weekend moment during the week? The

    defrost and warm-up setting doesn't just thaw your bread, it also crisps it up – as if it were fresh from the bakery.

    Even toasting - The perfect toast is waiting just for you.

    Sometimes you have this picture in your head – of an absolutely evenly toasted piece of golden brown bread. And then the result is not as expected.

    When you own a toaster with automatic centring, it gives you exactly the toast you want. The bread is automatically centred and ensures even toasting.

    Toasting chambers separately operable.

    Tastes differ. For a variety of toast preferences both toasting chambers can be independently operated and set to different toasting levels. So everyone

    can always enjoy the toast they want.