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Amazfit Smart Scale – A2003

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Holistic Health Data at Your Feet

High Measurement Accuracy | 16 Body Health Metrics | Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Connection
Standing Heart Rate Detection | Exclusive Aurora Gradient Design

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How Body Fat Percentage
Affects Your Body Fitness.

Fat mass is three-times the size of muscle of the same weight. That is why a person with a higher body fat percentage looks larger than another person of a similar height and weight with a lower body fat percentage. This does not mean the body fat percentage should be as low as possible, rather it should be kept within the proper range.

The Amazfit Smart Scale enables you to measure your body fat ratio at any time, so that you can choose the right fat-burning exercises for your body.


High Measurement Accuracy to
Detect Minor Changes in Weight 1

The Amazfit Smart Scale is equipped with four high-precision G-shaped sensors, which are sensitive enough to detect minor weight changes of up to 50 grams. This means the scale can show the change in your weight even if you only drink a cup of water.


More Metrics to Evaluate
Your Physical Condition.


Tracks 16 Key Body Health Metrics.

With its high-precision data processing chip, the scale provides metrics for 16 body health indicators based on the basic information you enter, which helps you easily understand your overall physical condition.

The scale can measure health data in either normal or sport mode to provide more accurate measurements for a wider range of users.

Body Weight

Body Fat Rate

Muscle Mass

Body Water Percentage

Bone Mass

Protein Percentage

Basal Metabolism

Visceral Fat Grade

Subcutaneous Fat

Skeletal Muscle

Change of Muscle Mass

Physical Age

Body ScoreBody

Mass Index (BMI)

Ideal Body Weight

Body Type

FDA registration number: 3017451201

Slimming Plan Analyzes Calorie
Cost2 of 18 Sports for Efficient

Bind the scale to the Zepp app and it will calculate the calories burned every 30 minutes in each of the 18 supported sports based on the body data measured beforehand, so that you can formulate a personalized slimming plan for your body-building.

The 18 sports supported will be: Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming, Mountain Climbing, Aerobics, Table Tennis, Tennis, Football, Fencing, Gateball, Badminton, Squash, Taekwondo, Bounce Ball, Basketball, Rope Skipping, Golf.

Professional Health
Reports Produced Instantly.

Physical Health Analysis3

The Amazfit Smart Scale analyzes your key body health indicators to provide you with an evaluation of your body as well as health improvement suggestions.

Analysis result elements: Body Weight, Body Fat Rate, Muscle Mass, Body Water Percentage, Bone Mass, Protein Percentage, Visceral Fat Grade, Basal Metabolism, Subcutaneous Fat, Skeletal Muscle, Change of Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index (BMI), Ideal Body Weight, Body Type, Physical Age, Body Score.

Standing Heart Rate Detection4

The Amazfit Smart Scale measures your standing heart rate, helping you assess your overall fitness level, so you can adapt your exercise plan to improve it over time.

Balance Ability Analysis*

The balance ability is a basic skill to support movements of a human body. An improved balance ability helps to lower the risk of injury during exercise and improve your body shape. The Amazfit Smart Scale can measure your balance ability in only 30 seconds.